- McAfee Total Protection is a world-famous antivirus program that protects its users from identity or data theft, spyware, harmful websites, viruses, and other harmful threats. Using it, you can make sure that no hacker or cybercriminal can put his dirty hands on your precious data and use it for his benefit. So, don't waste any time and download the McAfee Total Protection setup file to install the software on your Windows computer or Mac. To do this, head over to

How to Download and Install McAfee Antivirus?

Having a McAfee account is an essential criterion to download the McAfee setup. Create your mcafee account and follow the steps to download and install mcafee total protection on your device :

1. Navigate to
2. Provide 25 digit mcafee product key code.
3. Once done, sign in to your account with your email id and password.
4. Press the download button beside the McAfee product on the screen.
5. Make sure to allow the download to start.
6. Those who have already redeemed the subscription can click ‘Download the software’ to start the download.
7. Once the download is done, it will appear in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your computer.
8. Find the file and right click on it.
9. From the popup, click ‘Install’.
10. Wait for a while and you are done with the downloading and installation process.

Activate McAfee using Product Key?

Activate McAfee on your system with the following steps :

1. Locate the installed setup.
2. Double-tap on the product icon.
3. Wait for the software to open on display and tap Activate.
4. Provide the 25-character alphanumeric mcafee product key.
5. Log in on your McAfee account.
6. Read and follow the suggestions provided on display.
7. Complete the activation process on the system.

How do I change my McAfee account password?

1. Type on the search bar
2. Log-In to your McAfee account.
3. On top of your My Account page, tap to My Account.
4. Then click My Profile ( MY ACCOUNT > MY PROFILE).
5. On the top of the Account Information section, click on Update.
6. Now, Enter your new & strong password, and then click on to the Save